This stupid dress: The dark reality of it

This stupid dress: The dark reality of it

Mykah Kennedy and Shelby Reeves

February 25, 2015. A day that will forever live in infamy. The day that the dress hit the internet.


Originally posted on Tumblr by the user known as swiked, the dress quickly took the internet by storm. Everyone ranging from your chemistry partner to huge superstars felt that they needed to post their opinion on what color the dress was. Was it black and blue, or gold and white?


Many theory posts began emerging about why people were seeing the dress differently. Including one that claimed that the color you could see depended on how you were feeling at the time that you saw it. If you see it black and blue you’re a more negative person and if you see white and gold, you’re a more positive person. We’re now using colors and Buzzfeed quizzes to analyze our mental health. Maybe try talking to a therapist or seeing an eye doctor instead of believing everything you read on the internet.


After the conspiracy theories came the memes. The internet was practically bleeding dress memes. So many memes in fact, that there was even a fan fiction written about the dress. Memes were all over Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Internet users laughed as families and friendships were being torn apart.

So what color is the actual dress? Here’s the verdict: the dress in its purest physical form is black and blue. In no way is it gold and white. That’s just the way it is. If this was a murder case, the dress would be in jail for life for being blue and black because those are cold, hard facts. Maybe call your mom and apologize to her for becoming such a disappointment by telling everyone it was gold and white.