Hallway Music


Mykah Kennedy, News Editor

During our five minutes of passing period between classes, we get to hear four minutes of music. Our music ranges from 70s music to techno. Although that’s a pretty giant  range, the music is sometimes too hipster for me to function. Do I think we should completely change the music? No. Do I think that the school could afford a Spotify subscription so that we hear actual music instead of ads for four minutes? Definitely.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad that we get have the music playing in the halls. It seems to boost morale a little and it really helps to judge how fast you’re going and when you need to get to class, thanks to the cut off one minute before the bell rings. One of the things that really helps keep things moving in the halls is the tempo of the music. I’ve noticed a huge difference in walking pace when the music is faster. This helps so that there are less groups standing around and clogging the most used parts of the hallways.

We have a great amount of variety in the music, but I think that we should take more suggestions throughout the year. I think that the playlist should just start over from scratch, considering that there’s 543 songs on it. Taking suggestions more often and starting a new playlist would make us more aware of what’s on it and allow us to have a better variety in the music.

Overall, I think that the music in the hallways was a genius idea and I’m really glad that it’s happening. I just think that it could be improved with a little bit more high school musical thrown in there now and then.