The best dances at Ames High


Zoe Mamakos, Web Staff

Ames High isn’t really known for it’s 7 state swimming titles or its global rank in academics but rather our legendary school dances. From dance marathon to tucheze, we really have it all. As one of the last overheated homecoming’s passes, upperclassmen reflect on which dance was the most memorable in our high school careers.

Tucheze is a big contender as the best Ames High Dance. It’s run by SHEPH and has a new theme each year. The dance is held in the cafeteria and costs only 5 dollars at the door. Many people love it’s fun aspect of dressing up as the theme for the dance. Another plus side is the air conditioning that homecoming lacks.

It’s lowkey lit, don’t have to buy a dress or anything it’s so chill ”

— Junior Emma Grause on Tucheze

I’ve gathered that many other people have similar feelings towards it. For who could go wrong with a dance that promotes a club helping to end poverty and hunger?

Homecoming, being another favorite, has always been a classic. The beginning of the school year brings the excitement of who’s going to ask who and decisions begin on what to wear. I personally love homecoming. Something about the fact that there’s a whole week to celebrate a football game with a dance following after, has always made me happy. The one downside, I’d have to say, is the heat at the dance. Being September in Iowa we hardly experience enough desirable weather and homecoming tends to fall on the hottest weekend. However, it’s excitement and anticipation makes up for it. Other dances that are held towards the middle and end of the year, help to have something to look forward to.

In the dead of winter, Ames High students yearn for something to distract them from the endless piles of homework. Dance Marathon does just that. As a dance created to support a cause, it spreads messages of love and determination. Every years profit is donated to the University of Iowa’s children’s hospital. Last year we raised over $18,000! A yearly club designs the shirts and has different committees to make sure the night runs smoothly. A part of Dance Marathon that is especially inspiring is when families that have experienced help from the hospital come and talk. For me, this part shows the impact that our dancing can have on someone else’s life. I have participated in Dance Marathon for two years now and will continue to partake in the last few years because of it’s important message.

Each dance has its own specialties and quirks. These specific dances have been some of my favorite parts of highschool, so far. If you are someone wondering which dance to go to, I encourage you to experience it all. It’s worth it.