Waka 4 Prez


Tifany Chu, Reporter

Waka Flocka is “dead a$$” running for president in 2016. Step aside Hillary and other serious politicians, cause Flocka is about to run you over.

The Atlanta Rap genius announced on April 20, 2015, or 4/20 (proclaimed by him to be the “best day of the year”), that he is running for president. In an interview with the Rolling Stone (http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/waka-flocka-flame-for-president-watch-his-exclusive-campaign-video-20150420), Flocka expressed his seriousness in running and was seen signing the legal papers necessary. In the video, he also talks about his many plans for presidency.

His first act as president would be to legalize marijuana. He believes that all presidents should smoke “that presidential kush”. Some changes he plans to make is to ban pets from restaurants. He plans on never seeing a dog in a restaurant ever again. Another law he plans on implementing is to ban all people with feet larger than size 13 in public. These people with abnormally sized feet have to take trains or drive. Their big feets will never again take up that much space on the concrete.

Wacka is really passionate when it comes to education. He wants to teach kids more “reality skills”.  Apart from that, every kid would be forced to learn his lyrics or they would fail and have to restart from third grade. Wacka also plans to change the attire of Congress from formal to casual. Waka told the Rolling Stone, “I ain’t gonna wear no suit to a meeting, I’m rolling in with a tank top and flip flops.”

For those who think he isn’t serious, he actually is. Despite not being of legal age to run for president, Flocka has already taken to the streets of New York to garner 5,000 signatures for a petition that will allow him to run. Waka believes his only competition is Hillary because “the women love her”.

Flocka will be running with another fellow rapper, DJ Whoo Kid. DJ will not only be his vice president, but he will also double as his secretary of state.

So watch out, because Flocka is a huge contender in 2016. The majority of AHS will be able to vote in 2016, so don’t forget to vote Flocka or you are Wacka.