Skip Stevens, The Reporter

Welcome to Zootopia. A city where animals of all sizes, and levels of the food chain, live together in peace. The sights are pretty and the climates are many in this metropolis of organized mammal activity. Of course, this is not the case in real life because Zootopia is not a real city. It is simply the main location of Disney Studios’ newest picture film conveniently titled Zootopia. And now for the WEB’s review.



In the film’s story, predators have left their primitive ways of hunting and preying on weaker mammals; now all animals live together in peace. However, after years of harmony, something begins to cause predators to return to their biological instincts and turn “savage”.  It is up to the film’s protagonist, Hops, a bunny freshly admitted to the city’s police force, and Nick, a conniving fox, to solve the case of these mysterious occurrences. The premise behind Zootopia’s plot is both entertaining and suspenseful. Albeit lacking slightly in humor, the film has a great pace, a few twists and turns, and good dialogue through which Disney manages to tell a story that would appeal to a pretty much anyone who watches it.



Visually, Disney has done a great job with the way Zootopia appears on screen. The colors are vibrant and the lighting brings life to each location of the film’s endeavors. Whether it be the fluff and puff on the main of a lion, or the wet climate of a rainforest, the animation is spot on and captures the minutest of details of each scene.



The list of characters in the movie’s lineup is impressive. From lions to mice, Foxes to sheep, panthers to rabbits, the diversity is massive and fun. Each character has a distinct personality and stands apart from the others. No two animals are alike which is nice and adds a level of complexity to character interaction.



Simply put, Zootopia is a representation of Disney Studios at its finest. With stunning visuals, a great story, and fun characters, Disney has put together a film containing everything that works for an animated film and leaves everything else at the zoo.
The WEB gives Zootopia a 9/10.