America: the triumph of triviality


Skip Stevens, The Reporter

Let me start by saying this: a lot of American teenagers are smart intellectuals. They have gotten good grades up until their senior years of High School, and plan on going to a good college in order to receive their degree(s). But despite all of their knowledge, they are a people that have fallen victim to the distractions of a society wallowing in its prosperity. They, whether they know it or not, have become slaves to their own greedy desires and petty affections. Allow me to explain.  


America is a country that is, and has been for a long time, known for its value of equal opportunity, i.e. The American Dream. The idea that one’s life can, and should be made better, richer, and fuller regardless of their social class or background. 


This ideology has prompted the ever so present “success” mentality that has further propelled the industrial, technological, and cultural advancements of the modern day U.S.


Because of this, modern life for many adolescents living within U.S. borders is good. Too good in fact. The lights are always on, the food is always kept in large quantities, and the amusement never has to stop. The only thing they need to worry about is losing all that they already have, while at the same time, the only things left for them to hope towards gaining is pride and greater sensational pleasures.


As a result of this prosperity, the on-going chant of The American Dream has been inevitably, albeit slyly, altered to fit the requirements of a generation under a different set of circumstances. No longer is the cry for that of “equal opportunity”. Now is the cry (more like a whine) for that of “self-entitlement”.


This value switch has brought with it a now constant demand for the latest gadgets, movies, music, food, etc. And thanks to The Man, the next big thing is never further than the average American’s fingertips. The entire world, and its pleasures, is ripe for the taking, and all the American has to do is reach for it.


Now while the ramifications surrounding this new worldview may not seem too harmful on the surface, the utter reality of its effect on many American individuals reflects a darker, much more alarming fact. That fact being that Americans in this generation have changed the validity of the Truth into their own superficial version of what they want the truth to imply that accompanies their own self will. They have successfully created a world where they alone are, in fact, the center of the universe.


That is why they want to go to college and obtain that “better job”. That is why they spend two full months out of the year glued to the television. That is why their phone is more family to them than their actual family. That is why 58,586,256 of their babies have been aborted. That is why sexually explicit material has become common place for them. That is why 50% of them will end up getting a divorce. That is why they only talk about trivial matters at school. That is why they disrespect and talk bad about their parents. That is why they eat so much food. That is why they are continually working to reduce the significance of God in their society. That is why… That is why… That is why… Selfish. 


In this life, Love is supposed to be all that matters. But it cannot manifest in a society of people solely obsessed with the sensations of their own self-gratification. This is the truth.


By the time you finish reading this article, between 300-600 people around the world will have died, 4 or more women will have been raped, and entire countries will remain in despair due to malnutrition, violence, and/or many other forms of mistreatment and poverty. Not to mention the hurting people that are right here in America.


Yet, all the while, you merely sit there thinking, “that was a deep article” as you pull out your phone and continue to press towards the mark of 4.7 hours spent picture viewing by the end of the day.


That is the definition of petty.


You selfish narcissist.