Tifany’s Senior Column.


Tifany Chu, Opinion Editor

Hey it’s me, senior heartthrob Tifany Chu. All things considered, except not considering my attendance, I’ve really tried my best these past four years. If High School was Mario Kart, each year would be the set of three bananas you slip on, until you finally cross the finish line as an ashamed and destroyed senior. I’m proud to say that despite breaking four computer chargers these past four years, they’re are letting me graduate!!

At every school pep rally or assembly, Spence always yells at us to “Leave A Legacy” and then proceeds to break the microphone. Many think that drawing on the table is a “legacy” but it’s actually just a “stain”. It pains me to say this but high school wasn’t the absolute worst. I mean it wasn’t dollar Panch burrito day good, but it was nice. High School really is as fun as you will make it. Join a sport or club here and there or attend some school events. This is Ames, what else are you going to do? You can play tetris any other time in your life but when else can you cheer at a VERY mediocre sports game like it’s the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen? Even if you aren’t a three time state champ, pictures of the student section also sometimes make the Tribune. That can be your Legacy. Mine is being a two sport varsity athlete but not everyone can be me.

None of High School turned out the way I expected. As a freshmen, I had expectations and goals (also a first period class! terribe!). Until I found out that Diary of A Wimpy Kid was not considered a “literary classic” and that I was (surprise!) very lazy. The key is to make it work. Nothing is going to work unless you make it. Need an A in a class? Make it work! Need to not get detentions? Make it work! Easy!

Through four years of High School, I’ve truly perfected the art of being a brat and I feel like it would be a shame not to share.

  1. Scheduling.
    1. It is very unneccessary to have any classes before 9:00 am. Request for 1st and 2nd periods off, always. What grade you’re in isn’t an excuse.
    2. Single lunch is child’s play, Double lunch is where the big kids come out to play.
  2. Parking lot
    1. Come to school exactly five minutes after the bell rings. This way, you can ensure that the good spots have been deserted by those who left.
    2. In no circumstance should you park in the back lot. Circle the front lot over and over. Take the tardy, you deserve this. Treat yourself to a good, close parking spot that is convenient for noone else but you.
  3. Tardies/Attendance
    1. As long as you tried not be tardy, it’s still the tardy that counts.
    2. The infinite campus attendance section can only get to you if you let it get to you.

All in ALL, High School was great. I loved it and so will you. I wish you all the best and hope that you continue to buy Britney’s future music and albums.