Happy/Bad memories?

A high school student pondering their memories in class.

Tamaiah Crawford, Reporter

February 20, 2020

A good friend asked me this and, at that moment, I couldn’t find an appropriate response to it: Does one’s past torture one’s memory, or does one’s memory torture one’s past?  A convoluted question that can result in so many interpretations, but how I saw it as a whole is the corruption...

The Struggles of School Lunch

Student Poll Responses

Tamaiah Crawford, Reporter

December 16, 2019

Lunch. School lunches, to be more specific, is where students come in after class, eat, chat, and probably finish to leave the cafeteria. They go to their next class and continue on with their day. Ames High School lunches are no different from any of the thousands of public school lunches, though they’...

The Dead Zone Outside the Window

The the constriction site of the new Ames High School. Picture taken by Erin Murphy.

Tamaiah Crawford and Erin Murphy

October 28, 2019

Whether the community of Ames High has noticed this or not, there is currently something outside our classroom windows, a new and, possibly, reformed future Ames High waiting for the next generation to experience.   There isn’t anything wrong about polishing a school or extending the place to b...

A Winning Overachiever

Leslie showing her prize she won during the National History Day Nationals. Picture taken by Kijune Kim.

Tamaiah Crawford, Reporter

October 25, 2019

Being the smartest person in the room isn't impossible. It takes effort, commitment and much concentration on the things you are devoted to. A lot of people accomplish this in many ways than one, whether it'll be in sports, architecture, theatre, literature, or even card games. Every person is profoun...