Christopher Jackson’s Senior Column

Christopher Jackson, Web Reporter

May 15, 2014

Friends, Someone said once that all relationships end in either death or breakup. Whether marriages or friendships, this is assuredly true. The relationship might be unimportant, and the death might be decades away, but our time with people is fundamentally finite. It is this scarcity of life that...

The Man, The Legend: Brian Todey.

Christopher Jackson, Ames High Reporter

March 26, 2014

The Web caught up with Ames High freshman Brian Todey for an interview about literature, his family, and the meaning of manliness. What’s your favorite class so far? It probably has to be English, since it has been the class that I have learned the most from. How many different grades ha...

The Outside World: Beyond the Ames Bubble

Christopher Jackson, Ames High Reporter, Columnist

February 23, 2014

During my sophomore year, one Ames High teacher claimed that we weren’t living in the real world. He claimed that Ames consists of a couple square miles, bordered by Boone County, Ada Hayden, I-35 and I-30, essentially in a bubble from the rest of the world. As one weekend this January showed me, that teacher was...

Checking in with 2013’s seniors

Christopher Jackson, Writer

December 3, 2013

Last year’s senior class is still in the memory of many students and teachers at Ames High. Now well into the second half of their very first college semester, The Web thought it would be a good idea to check in with some of the most beloved members of the class of 2013.   Emily Kressee is at...