Put the Chris back in Christmas

Put the “Chris” back in Christmas

Chris Halbur, Staff Reporter December 10, 2014

As the holiday season is traditionally revered as a time of giving and reflection, it is in our best interests to pursue these values to the utmost of our capacity; regardless of religious, social, or...

Yik Yak makes me want to yack

Yik Yak makes me want to yack

Chris Halbur, Reporter December 10, 2014

In an age where every mindless sheep in the herd feels the need to share its totally irrelevant two cents, social media is the perfect outlet. Countless “individuals” turn to Twitter, Facebook, and...

Tune in to Andrew Weber

Tune in to Andrew Weber

Chris Halbur, Reporter November 25, 2014

Roger Ebert. Richard Roeper. André Bazin. And Andrew Weber? The next addition to the Mount Rushmore of film critics may very well be Ames High’s own Andrew Weber. A current sophomore and self-made silver...

Taco Bell or Taco Hell?

Taco Bell or Taco Hell?

Chris Halbur, Reporter October 29, 2014

As any resourceful student would, I began my extended weekend with a trip south of the border.  Deep in the land of cacti and chihuahua lies a quaint Mexican canteen known for their succulent, buttpee-inducing...

The iWatch, essentially

The iWatch: Wearable Tech or Terrible Wreck?

Chris Halbur, Reporter October 17, 2014

    As Apple rolls out another line of massively sought-after silicon, the jury is out as to whether this fresh new batch is worth the price tag.  Among the highlights of the latest Keynote...

Fast Food Review Week 1: McDonalds

Fast Food Review Week 1: McDonald’s

Chris Halbur September 2, 2014

MacShack. McDank’s. McDick’s. McNasty’s. MacDaddy’s. Mickey D’s. Whatever the moniker, this culinary hotspot has forever been synonymous with “big.”  With Big Macs and even bigger employees,...

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