Matias Ibarburu


Mykah Kennedy, News Editor

For most, moving into a new community and learning a new language is hard. For freshman Matias Ibarburu, being bilingual is a breeze.

Approximately thirteen years ago, he moved to Ames from Uruguay. He began to learn both English and Spanish at the same time.

“I was very young, so I would mix the languages,” Ibarburu said. “I used to have a funny accent in Spanish and used to mix the words.” Even though learning two languages at once was difficult, he is now in multiple advanced classes at Ames High, like Honors Earth and Space Science.

Ibarburu is also in Spanish 2. When asked about how it is to take classes with mostly sophomores, he said, “It’s pretty fun. I knew some of them from before and they’re a fun grade to be with.”

His favorite thing about high school so far has been getting more sleep because he no longer has to ride the bus. When asked about his goals for his first year at Ames High, he said “just make the best of it and make a clean transition to high school.”

His favorite teachers so far are Mr. Ripley and Mrs. Jurgensen because “they make class fun and exciting in dull subjects and don’t mind having a joke or two.”

Matias can be found where ever you can find a soccer ball or a witty joke.