If you’re reading this article, you’re most definitely a first world citizen, and you’re probably Caucasian as well. This means that you are afflicted by “first world problems”, more commonly referred to as “white people problems”.

In modern usage, the word “white” has come to mean far more than the color of milk, clouds, and WASPs. Nowadays, “white” is less of a color and more of a status. Many people correlate the term “white people problems” with the “first world problems” that financially secure members of society are afflicted with. For example, the song “White Girl Problems”, written and performed by recording artist Hoodie Allen, does not tell the story of a girl whose skin is white, but rather the story of a girl so rich that “every gift I try to get her, she already got ‘em.” A very “first world problem” indeed.

Hopefully your problems are less severe than Hoodie’s girl. Nonetheless, we’re sure you can relate to the WEB’s personalized high school top-ten list of “first world problems.”


1. Your favorite Starbucks drink is out of season.

Pulling up to the Starbuck’s drive-thru, you order what you always do: the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte. The crushing blow comes when the barista promptly responds that they stopped making it three days ago. Is it the end of the world? Possibly.

2. You only got three likes on your picture, and one of those was grandma.

“I can’t believe my totally original picture of my dinner at the Café only got three likes.” Now the world is most definitely coming to an end. No likes=no life. What are we ever going to do about this?

3. Netflix doesn’t have the movie you want to watch.

“This is the worst night ever. Netflix doesn’t have the movie I want to watch.” As this phrase is repeated on the daily, we all know the heartbreak of getting rejected by Netflix. Yes, it is tough, but we will get through this together.

4. Your car is too cold in the morning.

Hasn’t everyone used the excuse that their car was way too cold to drive in while strolling into class ten minutes late? Turns out, it never works as much as we’d like it to, but let’s be honest: having a cold car is way too much of a burden to deal with.

5. Your closet is full but you have nothing to wear.

This right here is the central problem of the 21st century. Somewhere in our first world country, a girl is walking up to her closet and pouting at her “so last week” choice of clothing hanging before her. It’s a problem each one of us dreads when Monday morning comes around. But there is a solution! Shopping spree to the rescue… obviously.

6. You didn’t get the iPhone you wanted.

“I hate you Dad! You know that I wanted the black one and you got the white one because you hate me and I’m running away and don’t ever call me and don’t ever talk to me and oh you did get me the white one? Love you!” #almosttheworstbirthdayever

7. Your pantry is too small to fit all of your food.

You wedge the Cheez-Its between the cheese balls and Cheez Whiz because they won’t fit anywhere else, but the Froot Loops and Nutella fall every time you reach for the Tostitos. Problem solved? Hardly.

8. Your parents don’t understand you.

It seems like everything your parents do is solely to either embarrass you or to drive you crazy. They’re obviously plotting it out in their heads 24/7, thinking, “Hmm, how can I make my child’s day even worse?”

9. The Pretty Little Liars season ended with a cliffhanger and it doesn’t start again for another 3 months.

We have no words for this issue. This is simply the worst thing in the whole entire world. Possibly a problem hand crafted by “A” himself.

10. Your wifi is spotty.

All you want to do is change the profile picture on your long-forgotten Facebook page, but the stupid wifi is literally taking forever to load. Literally.

If you were paying any attention at all, you are well aware that the problems we just listed aren’t really problems at all. Across this world, country, state, and even city, people out there  are just trying to get by. We all know the pains of not having the right iPhone, car, or outfit, but let’s face it: these are great problems to have. While not having enough space in your pantry for food seems like a burden to your everyday life, not having enough food to begin with is the real problem. So, be thankful that you are blessed to have these first world problems, and remember those who are less fortunate.