The Twitterverse


Mykah Kennedy, News Editor

For our generation, social networks have always been a part of our lives. In elementary school it was Myspace. In middle school it was Facebook. Now, it’s Twitter. According to many high schoolers today, it’s practically their life.

When Twitter was first introduced, it didn’t really take off. It took about a year for tweet numbers to start soaring. When the app first came out in 2007, there were only about 4,383 tweets being sent out per day. As of October of 2013, there were nearly 500,000,000 tweets being sent out per day.

Twitter was originally supposed to be used as an information network. Nowadays, it’s turned into a way for us to pick up chicks, make new friends, procrastinate, and avoid eye contact in public. When junior Jack Heikens was asked about what he uses Twitter for, he said “Giving myself a sense of self-worth.”

Although Twitter is famous for its comedic tweets and random trending hashtags, Twitter and fighting go hand in hand. Twitter fights are simultaneously one of the most pointless things and one of the most entertaining things that can happen. I have stayed up for at least an hour just to watch a Twitter fight unfold. Spanish teacher Mrs. Jurgensen has a similar opinion on Twitter fights,“I loooove Twitter fights. I enjoy seeing people crash and burn during them.”

Some of these arguments are caused by people unfollowing others. People track who is following them so closely that now there are multiple websites and apps to use that will notify you when someone unfollows you.

When unfollowed, Reeves said “[I get] especially angry when they bully me and then unfollow me. Really angry in fact. I get incredibly passive aggressive. I approach the person and ask ‘why did you do that?’”

Even though Twitter is fun, most of the time I regret making one. It takes up a lot of time, and causes a lot of irritation. Heikens, however, has a different point of view, “Yes I regret getting a Twitter, until I hit send on that next tweet and watch the retweets roll in.”

All in all, Twitter can be made into whatever you want or need it to be. Just make sure that you know that whatever you put on the internet can be seen by anyone. Also, be sure to remember to follow me on twitter: @mykahkennedy.