Fall play cast takes a British twist


Emma Stewart, Co-Editor in Chief

It’s common knowledge here at Ames High that we have a very talented drama department. Every fall, winter, and spring, they display their acting skills in plays and musicals that light up the auditorium and leave those who missed out on the show in dismay for the following week.

On Friday, November 13th (a fitting date for their spooky production) and Saturday, November 14th of this fall, the drama department will debut their 2015 fall play The Hound of the Baskervilles, a Sherlock Holmes mystery.

The play follows the mysterious murder of Sir Charles Baskerville, whose family believes is murdered by the family curse, a ghostly hound. Sherlock Holmes is then called to help unravel the mystery surrounding Sir Charles’ death.

The drama department has been hard at work on this fall’s play, going above and beyond at perfecting the way they plan to depict each character.

“The cast decided they wanted the challenge of doing this as authentically British as possible, since this is a British story,” said director, Steven Woolery.

Not only did the cast just decide on challenging themselves to display their British characters perfectly, but they wanted to have the voices to match.

“One day we had the voice dialect coach from Iowa State come and coach us on various British dialects based on how different social classes manipulate different vowel sounds,” said Woolery, “before rehersal our cast splits up into their various social classes and talks to each other in their dialects.”

Cast member of the upcoming play, junior Brett Stone, had a few words for why every student at Ames High should plan on being an audience member come November 13th and 14th.

“The play is really fun and I’ve had a lot of fun working on it… and you can see me look all fancy,” commented Stone.

There really is no reason not to purchase a ticket to this year’s fall play. With a spooky debut date, British accents, and supposed fancy costumes, this year’s fall play surely is one you won’t want to miss.