Real Madrid 5, Liverpool 2

Real Madrid’s astonishing comeback shocks the world, however the manner of Liverpool’s defeat spoke volumes.


From lighting off fireworks outside of their opposition’s hotel with the hopes of disturbing their sleep to their cries and screams of anguish from the results of the game, Liverpool fans gave their all in hopes of finally securing a Champions League victory over Real Madrid.

They urged on their players after completely throwing away a two-goal lead in the first half, they stood in shock after Real Madrid made it 3-2, 4-2, and finally 5-2. They witnessed not only the collapse of their season but also the most shocking evening in Anfield’s(the name of their stadium) European history. As the game wound down the crowd ever so slightly thinned out.

As the last twenty minutes of the game dragged on Real Madrid played keep away, scoring wasn’t their main priority as they were now up 5-2. They slipped passes between, through, and besides their soiled opponents. Offering a glimpse of the ball to them, then taking it away at the last moment. 

Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid’s Manager, had mastered the comeback and turned it into a very art. On the path to their European glory last season, Real Madrid needed the full two forty-five-minute halves in order to achieve a great recovery.

The decelerated speed at which Liverpool passed the ball, the widened space between their players, and the intensity of their diluted press. These elements fed on each other, eating away at the confidence and purpose until their whole team seemed broken beyond repair. Liverpool was powerless to stop Real Madrid, their fall from the glorious heights that they once shared with Real Madrid.