Andrew Ellis, Reporter

Every year Senioritis infects hundreds of thousands of good people, robbing them of their needed motivation and energy.  No matter what anyone does, Senioritis spreads. It is invincible.

Simply put, Senioritis is a “disease” targeting students particularly close to graduating.  Symptoms of Senioritis include a lack of motivation, tardiness, late assignments, more “sick” days, a general attitude of “whatever,” unexcused absences, excused absences, unnecessary college visits, and more tardies.

A common link to Senioritis and those it infects is how the infected seem to already have been accepted into the college they want.  Another tall tale sign of the infected is a feeling of helplessness to change their GPA or current scholarship opportunities.

Infected senior, Luke Heilman goes a little bit more in depth with his condition, “I just simply don’t care.  I’ve ironed out everything I need to do for college, and I’ve been accepted.  The only down side is if I start failing my classes, and for me that is where the bar is set.”

Yet there are some oddities with Senioritis. We know Juniors or other fellow high school mates claim to have senioritis while not even being a senior.  Can it possibly be true? Have they really been infected before their time?

As a lazy senior myself I can assure you that I, as a junior, thought I was one of few who had been infected before my time.  I was wrong, but I am a bad example.

Current Senior Andi Lee claims to have been one infected not just since Junior year or even the beginning of high school but by the time he was in seventh grade. “I use to try, I really did.  I remember working so hard in Elementary school and actually caring about the quality of my work and how teachers would take it,” said Andi.  “But everything change when the plague hit, since then I have been living with Senioritis.  On the brightside I have not lost any work ethic since the start of my Senior year.”