Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Achala Thippeswamy, Reporter

As well as The Office, Parks and Recreation, New Girl, and many other favorable comedies, Brooklyn Nine Nine is definitely a show that fits within this hilarious category. An amazing show that is bound to be loved by almost anyone can brighten people’s days. The 20 minute episodes provide just the right amount of comedy that it keeps you wanting to watch more, however, can also make you procrastinate for endless hours.

Each character is very different in many ways, and almost any person who watches this show could relate to at least one person. This makes the show very appealing since no matter what mood you may be in, Brooklyn Nine Nine is always the best thing to watch. Even better is the fact that some of these amazing characters are played by the hilarious SNL actors such as Andy Samberg.

The show is based around a precinct in Brooklyn, New York. The characters are all detectives in the NYPD and the comedy is based around their lives and work. The episodes are not only funny but have some mystery when the detectives are solving crimes, keeping the audience hooked. Each new episode is a different story that is even funnier and makes you fall in love with the show.

Every aspect of this show is great and no one should miss out on this blessed comedy. 10/10 would recommend this.