Indian Delights

December 18, 2015

Located on a corner of Dotson Dr, it lies a fantastic indian restaurant. At a first glance, it seemed a little sketchy, but the vibe changed as soon as I entered the restaurant. The quaint restaurant gives a homey vibe to it’s loyal customers that welcomed me in with open arms. The decor was comfortabl...

How to be fashionable and a guy

How to be fashionable and a guy

Tim Kim, Reporter

November 20, 2015

Boys fashion in Ames High is a joke. Majority of the female students of Ames High will most likely to agree with the previous statement. Sam Egberth, a junior and one of the best dresser of Ames High, describes how people are like in PE clothes all day long. It is almost as if  they don’t care about...

Steve Jobs Movie Review

Steve Jobs Movie Review

Tim Kim, reporter

November 12, 2015

Danny Boyle’s exciting film which captures the genius of Steve Jobs, takes place in his mid career. The time when he first unveils macintosh, when he gets fired from Apple to when he starts up his failed company NeXT and when he comes back to build Apple into the beloved company we know today. It beaut...