James Kim keeps it classy


James Kim has taken on many adventures this year as a junior, being involved in various school activities and keepingit chill on the AHS golf team. “I’ll be involved in science bowl and quiz bowl, and I’m in orchestra- I play the violin,” Kim said.

Beyond his endeavors at Ames High, the ISU class he is taking: a sophomore level mathematics, would seem even more time consuming.

“It hasn’t been bad–might get worse,” Kim said.

When asked about his favorite equation, he scratched his chin.

“That’s a hard question. Let me think. The arc length vector integral.”

Kim began demonstrating the equation with a large quantity of complicated mathematical vocabulary. Apart from math equations, Kim has good taste in the culinary area as well. If he could take a girl any restaurant in Ames, it would be Red Lobster.

“[It is] pretty premium,” Kim said. “I like seafood.”

Kim is a rounded character: the fact that he is on the AHS Golf team just adds to this.

“[The best thing about being in golf is] you get to miss school. Enjoy the nice weather out. Just relaxing–playing for fun.”

When asked about the racial stereotypes of golfing, (if he believes that only white republican males play it), Kim said, “No, definitely not, because I’m in it.”

Maybe it is Kim’s smile that adds the final touch to his charming disposition and good-sport characteristics. Has anyone ever told him that his smile is adorable? His answer: (smiles, nods).

QUICK FACTS: Favorite teacher: Mrs. Brenneman Goal score on the SAT: 2300 Place where you were during the lockdown: Wrestling room Least favorite book: The Catcher in the Rye Shape you find most often in the clouds: Wolf