Mattie Kupfer: Strawberry Extraordinaire


Mattie Kupfer, one of the most poetic, fun-loving members of Ames High’s current sophomore class seems to have things figured out. She is equipped with a life philosophy worthy of high praise:


“Happiness all around. Do everything in the most fun way you can and be a genuine person,” she said with a smile.


The loves of Mattie’s life include but are not limited to: her parents, her friends, strawberries, and the muse that is her ukulele.


“Our relationship is largely built on partying hardcore,” Mattie said. “If it wasn’t for my ukulele’s fun-loving attitude it wouldn’t work out. He always makes me smile! Also, ukulele calluses are about as hardcore as it gets.”


When not spending time with her beloved instrument, young Kupfer can be found reading, slaving away at homework, or crafting clever analogies about the government.


“I think the government is like a student. You can teach them all you want, but unless the student actually wants to learn, nothing will happen,” said Mattie.


Mattie is no stranger to learning. In addition to taking AP classes, the budding scholar is involved in chorus, SHEPH, and debate club, which she describes as “the place for people who wanna be in the NFL but lack the physical coordination. It’s a blast.” (NFL stands for National Forensic League as well as National Football League, in case you were out of the loop).


Mattie’s immense love for strawberries was demonstrated when she shared that she does, in fact, have a “strawberry” blood type. Prayers to her and her family as she fights for survival with a delicious red berry flowing through her veins.


Fun facts:8

Ukulele name: Lucille

Favorite food: Strawberry

Least favorite feature of George Tennant: His ponytail

Favorite book: Secret Life of Bees