Nick Ellis’ undercover life

Favorite teacher: Mr. Jahn
How did he ask his prom date: With flowers
If he could have dinner with any person, living or dead, it would be: His grandma Ellis

Junior Nick Ellis is finding himself a home here at Ames High. He moved from Nevada last year.

“My life was really boring there,” he said. “I never really fit in. It was way too small for me.”

Now, Ellis can occupy himself with making music, which is a sort of hidden talent for him. He doesn’t really talk about it or tell people, because he “doesn’t want people thinking he’s Daniel Peter.” He also edits videos for a Youtube channel called Achievement Hunter and plays baseball for Ames High.

An avid user of the media center, Nick likes to watch videos on his iPad mini during lunch. He sits, quietly and peacefully, until he is confronted by a cheerful smile bearing gifts of coffee and protein bars that he won’t eat because he obeys the laws of the MC.

“Yeah I like Gretchen Kramer,” he said. “She’s cray cray though.”

This summer, Nick plans to hang out with his friends and enjoy the warmer weather. He has many acquaintances from Ames, Gilbert, and the surrounding area. He also plans to continue making music.

You can access Nick’s music on his soundcloud: