Emme Peters: diving into DM’s (pools)


Serena Paulson, Managing Editor

Out of the blue, a new member of the swimming and diving team has come into the midst of Ames High School. Freshman Emme Peters has been enjoying her time and new-found independence not only with different after-school activities but with different courses such as Spanish. This new landscape does not inhibit this freshman, as Emme embraces her two-letter name and her part in the record-breaking swimming and diving team.

As the team works toward a 5-peat, one of her biggest inspirations is senior diver Rachel Canon. With her great sense of humor and even better work ethic, Rachel drives Emme to be better. When Emme is at practice, the team comes and works hard as they have an end goal, but she focuses on trying to make little steps towards that same goal everyday. As Peters spends so much of her time at the swimming pool from all the hard work she puts into new dives, it’s difficult for her to stop thinking of what could go wrong while rotating in so many directions.

When asked about being a part of the acclaimed swimming “cult,” Peters reflected about how much she enjoys being a member of such a great group of girls. In particular, she said Sophie Sorenson and Kaylee Clendenen got her to dive into the sport.

In her free time, Peters likes to spend time with friends, play soccer, and watch Netflix. Her lack of Twitter use didn’t stop her from wanting to tell everyone to follow her at @emmepeters. Her more recent posts on Facebook, however, include her excitement for North Grand Mall getting new stores. Next time you go splashing through the halls of Ames High, strike up a conversation of your enjoyment of the ocean with this water-encased freshman.