Sir Shedd: earl of ball

Sir Shedd: earl of ball

Mykah Kennedy, News Editor

About a month and a half  ago, sophomore Earl Shedd moved to Ames from Detroit. In Detroit, he would stay at the community gym until about one a.m. playing basketball every day, so it’s no surprise that one of his favorite places to go in Ames is the Attack gym so that he can be alone and hone his skills.


Since the start of his basketball career in eighth grade, he’s enjoyed playing and being the point guard the most because “you control the whole game and everyone looks at you to make the play.” He’s chosen to play basketball because of “the feeling that you get and when the crowd gets into [the game] it’s just electric.” His favorite basketball player is Damian Lillard and he tries to base his game off of him.


His thoughts for the future include a dream of getting into the NBA, and just in case that doesn’t work out, he has a plan to become a physical therapist so that he can still be around basketball and help people at the same time. He plans to go to Michigan State to be closer to home again.

Although he misses home, Earl is very glad to be in Ames. His favorite place to eat is Insomnia Cookies because “the cookies are always fresh and moist.” He says that his favorite thing about Ames High are the people because they’re very welcoming and have made him feel accepted. When asked if he had any final comments to add, Earl said, “Ball is life.”