Shin: short, loud, still short

Stephanie Shin, Managing Editor

During my first days at Ames High, I thought that by the time I was a senior I would be attending Stanford University the next fall, a varsity cheerleader, and at least 2 inches taller. Now counting down the hours, I’m none of those things. I’m ending my high school career headed to the east coast, former drum major of the marching band, and sadly still 5’1’’.

Up until the beginning of my senior year, I had pretty much gotten everything that I wanted. But when I was rejected from Stanford, my dream school, I didn’t know how to react. Sure, “no one” gets into Stanford. But for some reason, I thought I could. I had been disappointed before, but this was the “Gabriella Montez” future that was taken away from me. It was something I couldn’t change.

Then it dawned on me, “Crap. This is going to happen so many more times”. There is no way that I will get everything I want and work for. And I’m grateful for that. If I had gotten into Stanford, I would have thought that my life would continue to be everything I planned. If you spend so much time planning your next step you’re going to miss living the one you just took.

You see, with these 401 words I can try to give you advice as to how to handle your high school career. But your journey through high school will be completely different from mine no matter how similar the circumstances are. I have no place to tell you how to live it. And you probably won’t listen anyways (just try not to be an asshat, please).

You can’t and won’t please everyone. You will mess up. I spent the majority of my high school career believing that I was always right. Your opinion isn’t the only thing that matters, and being wrong is okay.

Now, I will attempt to embrace the biggest change of my life so far: starting over, 1320 miles away from home. On one hand, I’m so humbled by all the experiences I’ve had here in Ames. I can’t imagine putting them in my past and continuing without 8 structured class periods, supportive teachers, 30 minute lunch, and annoying hallway traffic. But on the other hand, I can’t wait for my future, whether I’m ready for it or not.

And when I fail, so be it.