Casey’s Breakfast Pizza has Everything


Jared Larson and Andrew Ellis

Early one morning I ventured down to Casey’s, for the sole purpose of having my first slice of Casey’s Breakfast Pizza. Just so I could tell you all about my adventure.

After a pleasant exchange with the employees, I managed to get my hands on the famed pizza. I open my mouth to the savory aroma of eggs, cheese, and bacon and take my first bite which contained only eggs and cheese. To put it simply, it was deliciousness.  It was everything I had ever wanted in my breakfast.

Then came the second bite along with my concerns if it would be as good as the first.  To my surprise the pizza kept on getting better.  The next bite was a little warmer so the taste was also just a little bit better.  At this point my first bite has hit my belly, and my belly too starts to feel the goodness of Casey’s pizza.

However, everything changed when the third bite attacked. I’m in love.  I have found my valentine.  This third bite has captivated my heart in a way no girl could ever dream to do. This third bite made this pizza a legend for me.  The eggs and cheese were as good as ever, but the ham swooped in like Spiderman, stole my taste buds and my heart, and hauled my body up to heaven.  The third bite has passed and I wonder if it is all down here from here.

Now time for the fourth bite.  Why did I ever doubt this pizza? The out of body experience isn’t over quite yet because there’s more ham, and this ham goes ham on the world.

For the fifth bite I take a more conservative route and go for a higher cheese and egg ratio with a little less ham.  The return of the higher ratio of cheese and eggs remind me that this is still breakfast time.

Then came the sixth and final bite.  Tears came before the final bite because I knew our time together was almost at an end.  It was an emotional time.  The memory of my first slice of Casey’s breakfast will forever live on with me in my heart.

At 549 Calories, Casey’s General Store offers a breakfast pizza that will keep you going through the morning. Or afternoon, or night, I’m not one to judge when it comes to when you eat pizza.

Students, teachers, and even actresses are among those who admire Casey’s Bækfast Pizza.

Mila Kunis, proclaimed that “[Casey’s] they do a delicious breakfast pizza. Yeah, you heard me!”

Mr. Duit, has a braver claim, “That’s good stuff, best thing since sliced bread. It really turns my crank”

Both Mr. Lunaburg and Mr. Smith lay down the law when it comes to this stuff,

Lunaburg: “It’s the greatest breakfast pizza ever”

Smith: “I enjoy it tremendously. Casey’s Breakfast pizza is the only breakfast pizza. Casey’s blows everything out of the water”

Class of 2011 graduate Alec Kapaun puts it simply as “Casey’s breakfast pizza rocks and you should never go bacon”

Sophomore Rachel Junck simply states that it’s “delicious.”

Junior Hannah Greenlee acknowledged the Casey’s pizza by saying “it’s delicious.”

Junior Blake Preston explains that “[well] it’s pretty good, but sometimes it’s overcooked. It’s gotta be fresh out of the oven, other than that, it’s pretty good.”

Senior Jake Stone justified his love for it by saying “Casey’s Breakfast Pizza, is the pizza, for you and me!”

Senior Katie Sailer also has attested her amour. “It’s really good, and the girl’s swim team loves it.”

Senior Ali Naraghi said with a frown, “I’ve never had it.”B9ezH9YCEAAX5_G