Does “IT” Stay Afloat?


Sonja Paulson, Profiles Editor

First appearing in 1990, IT was one of the most horrifying movies of its time. But as the years went by and technology got better, IT faded into the background and became the “classic horror film” that many people think of today.

With so much hype, this movie had a lot pressure to be as unforgettable as the first. Being a horror fan, this movie was on the top of my must-watch list. I decided to treat myself and go to the luxury theater in Altoona, where I could get the full movie watching experience for this anticipated film.

When the credits first appeared on the big screen, I was almost disappointed. The movie as a whole was good, but it wasn’t terrifying. There was a total of 3 times that I was genuinely scared during the 2+ hour long movie. I don’t get scared that easily, but I do know horror when I see it, and I did not see it. The movie was surprisingly well rounded, it had romance, humor, and even tragedy. I personally just wished that the film focused more on the horror aspect.

Julia Franco, AHS senior said that “there were some parts I thought were really dumb but other parts were scary, overall I really liked it,” clarifying that she thought “people thought some parts would be scarier but I think the movie did a pretty good job living up to its hype.”

Unlike Franco, Junior Kathryn Shields had nothing but compliments for the film. “I thought it was amazing, I loved it,” said Shields. “There were a lot of jump scares, I cried out in the theater a couple times, it was really good.”

With differing opinions, I think everyone can agree, “IT” was a good movie. It may have not been the movie that one had expected, but IT did not disappoint.