Things We Can Do With The Parking Lot Snow Mountain


Jill Zmolek, Reporter

Outside the walls of Ames High, there lies an ever-growing snow Kilimanjaro. It calls to us on the wind, unappreciated and neglected since the moment the ornaments were taken off the tree. We cannot stand for this. Time is of the essence, because we have neglected our friend. To remedy this, we have a bucket list to complete:

  1. Melt it and learn about the water cycle.
  2. Start making a snowman for everyone in your family but get too tired.
  3. Make tunnels for the little woodland creatures lost in the cold.
  4. Sit on the top and try to reach zen but get upset about it making your pants wet.
  5. See if you can punch it hard enough to make time stop.Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.10.26 AM
  6. Be reminded of “Frozen” and then get really annoyed.
  7. Cartwheel down the side and bond with the hot new kid while he drives you to the ER.
  8. Decide you want to make snow ice cream but then your idiot friend says “It’s not clean” and that “there’s a dead sparrow sticking out the side.”


So go forth! Wear your cute mittens! Winter will probably be gone at some point, so make some snow angels or something.