Model United Nations


McKenzie Reimer, Academics & Arts Editor

Do you ever find yourself debating and discussing controversial topics with your peers? Do you like to find resolutions to these debates and discussions, often in creative ways, like role-playing? And finally, are you looking for an extracurricular activity that gives you all these things and more? Well then, I’ve got the perfect place for you. Model United Nations.
Model United Nations, or MUN for short, is an after school club, where students can role play delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. “You often discuss and debate topics like police brutality or the sharing of intelligence, and the goal is to find a resolution,” current co-captain Paulina Lavrova said.
Paulina is not the only captain of MUN. She shares the responsibility with Daniel Andreotti, and Mr. Zmolek is known to take part in the responsibilities of MUN as well. As for their meetings, it varies. They typically meet in Mr. Zmolek’s room once every week a couple of months before an upcoming event.
When asked about what was most rewarding about Model UN, Paulina had this to say: “Definitely winning awards at conferences, or even just making a good point, plus I look forward to our meetings when there are snacks.” She also wants to remind you that it’s not too late to sign up for their upcoming Spring Conference. All you need to do is get into contact with her, Daniel, or Mr. Zmolek.
So, if you are looking for that special place to join where you can spend your time hanging out and debating, eating snacks, and preparing for events where you meet people from all over Iowa, then Model United Nations might just be the place for you.