February Friday’s

Tynan Shahidi, Reporter

February isn’t only the month of love and depression, but also the month filled with fun and excitement. The student council has put together multiple extremely fun activities for students to participate in every Friday this month (hence: the name February Friday’s).


This last monday, dodgeball came to the Ames High Gym, with nearly 20 teams in the annual tournament. This is run by the student council for fun for Ames High students but also it is raising money for charity.


Our student co-presidents Skip Stevens and Zoe Hamstreet put together another awesome event, but there’s more to come. This Friday the 17th is going to be a coffee house in the auditorium where the talent of Ames High is presented out to the whole school. Then the following Friday the 24th is hosting a first annual Spoken Word, this is a new thing coming to Ames, Skip Stevens came up with it as a “poetry night” for all who wish to come out and see great poetry presented by the students of ames high.


Fun is coming back up to Ames High and we thank Skip and Zoe and the rest of student council for getting students excited about upcoming events at Ames High!