Miles Greenwald The man behind the open door

It doesn’t take long to realize that the people who are late in the morning always get the worst parking spots. I am one of those people. I am always parked so far away that if it were a basketball game, the tickets would be the left-overs in the nosebleed section. Now that’s it’s so cold outside, I can honestly say that there is nothing more that brightens my day like seeing freshman Miles Greenwald there holding the door open for me. Not only do I save a little extra time by not opening the door, which is deceivingly heavy early in the morning, but I also know I can’t be too late if Miles is still there and not in class. He has become my new clock. If he is there, I have time to get to class, and if he isn’t, I might as well start thinking of some good excuse now because I’m not going to make it to class on time anyway. The WEB decided to interview Greenwald to see what goes on in his little head and to finally answer the question a lot of students are wondering: Why does he hold the door for everyone every day? The WEB: Miles what makes you hold the door every morning? Greenwald: I hold the door for two reasons. First, it’s a great way to serve and to help others. It also helps me to see all my friends and meet new people. W: Aw, that’s really nice of you. What time do you get here to hold the door, anyway? I’ve been here pretty early before and you always seem to be there waiting for me with your open door. G: I am usually at the door by 7:20 am or 7:25 am. W: How late do you stay out there? Are you ever late to class? G: I leave for my first class by 7:48. I have formal geometry first period, and I have never been late. I’m a pretty fast walker. W: About what percent of the people that you open the door for remember to say thank you? G: About 40% to 50% of people say thank you. I like it when people say thanks, but I don’t really care all that much when people don’t. W: That’s nice. So how do you like being a freshman at Ames High? Is high school all you expected it to be? G: I really like being a freshman. I like all my classes, especially Honors Biology with Mr. Walter. W: Yeah, that Mr. Walter is a pretty fun guy. What activities are you involved in outside of school? G: I was quarterback for the freshman football team, and I’m practicing a lot for the upcoming tennis season right now. I am also involved a lot with my church and I like to play the guitar. W: Well, thanks for the interview, Miles. See you tomorrow morning! By just trying to be a nice guy, Greenwald has really made an impression on Ames High students. Whether they actually know his name or just know him as the guy who opens the door for everyone, Greenwald has a lot of people noticing his random acts of kindness. From all the people who struggle to get out of bed in the morning and just need that extra second to get to class on time, thank you Miles Greenwald, we really appreciate it .