Glenn Martin and his technicolor sweaters

What is there to say about Glenn Martin? As long as I can remember Glenn has been an individual in every sense of the word. With his outspoken personality, welcoming smile, and wide array of colorful sweaters, he never disappoints the students of Ames High. Just recently Glenn returned from the Czech Republic after spending over eight months there as a foreign exchange student. The WEB decided to catch up with Glenn and hear about his experience. The WEB: So Glenn, how was the Czech Republic? Glenn Martin: It was one of the most magnificent experiences one could ever have in an adolescent lifetime. W: Wow. Do you miss it? G: Yes, I really do. The culture is better. You have a lot more freedom as a young person. W: That’s pretty cool. How was the food? G: Food is actually the thing I was most looking forward to when I went to the Czech Republic. Their food there is a lot like the food in Germany, lots of meat. After a few months of being there, eating meat every day, and watching the animals being slaughtered, I got pretty sick of it. W: Yea, I bet. Did you miss home while you were there? G: I didn’t really have much time to miss home. Christmas time was hard though. I would have liked to have been home for Christmas. W: Would you recommend foreign exchange to other students? G: Oh, Yes! You meet a lot of friends who you will have for the rest of your life. It’s good to know how other cultures live every day. The United States is not the only country in the world. A person can also gain a lot of independence, which is an important skill to gain for the future. It is a great experience all and all. W: Did Ames High change at all while you were gone? G: Well the new construction cafeteria thing is different. I’m also not used to having Pomeroy gone. W: Pomeroy? G: Yea, Mr. Phomvisay. That’s what I call him. W: Are you struggling to get caught back up in your classes? G: I missed the first two weeks of second semester. At first it was really overwhelming. I’m doing fine now though. W: That’s good to hear. Thanks for the interview, Glenn! After being gone for over eight months, the students of Ames High School are glad to have Glenn Martin home. With a new cultured air, Glenn still has the ability to make anyone and everyone’s day just that little bit brighter.