March Madness passes nobody

The opportunity to combine entertainment with sports doesn’t occur often, but when it does, it makes for some great television. Over the past three weeks, some of the greatest entertaining sports moments have occurred, and it’s all thanks to March Madness. From buzzer beaters to Cinderella teams, March Madness keeps you so far on the edge of your seat that you are practically sitting on the floor. March Madness is an end of the year college basketball tournament in which the 64 best teams in the nation compete to become the national champion. Teams are seeded by how well they performed in the regular season and are rewarded for good records. The 64 teams are put into four brackets and are seeded from 1-16. The teams play by ranks (the #1 seed plays against the #16 seed and so on) and if you lose, you are out of the tournament. In the first two days of the tournament, 32 games are played and can create great moments for some and horrible moments for others. Anything can happen in these two days and many unpredictable moments actually do occur, which makes for some entertaining moments. Not many people picked #14 seeded Northwestern State to defeat #3 seeded Iowa, but it did happen and on an unbelievable 3-point shot with only seconds left to put Northwestern State into the lead at 64-63 after being down 17 points only nine minutes earlier. Moments like that cannot be planned ahead of time- they just happen. The emotion of games like that cannot be replicated in teen dramas or in sitcoms; they are just created by the pressures of real life. Heartbreak for some is a jubilant time for others; it all depends on how a person is affected by the event. An Iowa fan would obviously be heartbroken by this loss while a fan that roots for the underdog would be happy to see a team whose name has the word “state” after a region of land (if that makes sense) go on to the next round to possibly pull off another upset. Then there are teams that the whole country cheers for, because each and every person can relate somehow to the struggles that the team went through. This year that team is George Mason. #11 seed George Mason went from barely making the tournament to getting to the Final Four. This team, which is made up of “Big School” rejects beat some of the biggest “Big Schools” in the country (North Carolina, Michigan State, Connecticut). They struggled through adversity to become a team that has such a strong heart that it was able to defeat teams with better talent, prolific coaches, and All-American players. It is thanks to March Madness that people can be entertained by many heartwarming stories, thrilling endings, and great games. Without it, March would just be that one month that is between February and April, but it has become one of the most entertaining times of the year.