Senior One-Acts full of acting

There are three senior one acts this year, “If Sherlock Holmes Were a Woman” (directed by Jeremy Girton and Scott Metille), “Variations on the Death of Trotsky” (directed by Ross Koppenhaver and Chris Harder), and “The Twelve Pound Look” (directed by Betsy Dilla and Ellen Heddendorf). A lot of work went into putting the one acts together. “I don’t know about the other one-acts, but ours is coming along nicely.” senior and co-director Betsy Dilla said. “It’s been sort of a rush because both of us were in Germany for two weeks and the performances are coming up.” “We’ve only had a few rehearsals, but I’m really impressed with how much our cast did between them, mostly as far as memorizing lines and stuff goes. They’re all really great on the parts, too,” Dilla added. The senior directors had to first find and choose their one act, order it, and then audition for their casts. “We had about twice as many people try out as we had spots for, actually,” Dilla said. One of the one acts is “If Sherlock Holmes Were a Woman.” It’s about six girls who live together at a university. One of the girls is named Shirley Holmes, and she investigates something that happens at the university, accusing each of the girls in turn. “There’s always something going on, with so many of the girl’s crazy personalities, and reactions to their being accused. It’s so constantly funny and interesting, it’s just this conglomerate of weird personalities,” said junior Melissa Brockway, who plays a girl in the one act named Sniffles, who comes off as a hypochondriac. Another of the one acts is “Variations on the Death of Trotsky.” This one act shows Mrs. Trotsky somehow obtaining a future encyclopedia which helps her to inform her husband that he is to be murdered that day. This occurs over and over again, with alternatives within the death each time. The third one act play, “The Twelve Pound Look,” focuses on a man who lost his first wife. “He’s very successful, but to the point that it’s overwhelming, so his wife ran off to become a typis,” Dilla said. The wife in the story then finds out that she’s been assigned to do some typing for the husband she ran away from. “I really enjoy where he tries to get her to say she’s sorry she left him,” Dilla said. The one acts will be held Friday, April 14 and Saturday, April 15 in the Ames High School Auditorium. “Even though we’ve only got three one acts they should be great, so come watch them, we’re going to have filler material, so people can look forward to that!” said Dilla, adding, “We realized that people don’t actually want to hear the directors talk about the plays, so we found a better way to bring the directors on stage.”