Burke shares life in the Peace Corps

When walking through crowded hallways in a school of so many faces, it is easy to go by unnoticed. There is no better way to find out about the personalities behind these blur of faces and their amazing experiences than to just sit down and talk with them. The WEB recently spoke with AHS counselor, John Burke, on the subject of his time spent in the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps is a program for college graduates to volunteer their time and skills in underprivileged countries. His words on the subject speak for themselves. The WEB: What made you want to join Peace Corps? Burke: I think the opportunity to help other people was primary, but also a sense of adventure, and seeing what another culture was like. W: When and where (did you serve)? B: I actually went in with my wife. We went to Fuji in the South Pacific, and it was in 85-87. W: What did you both do there? B: We were both kind of working in a health related field. She was helping train nurses, and I was working in the villages with health- related projects. W: Did you have a lot of support? How did people react when you told them you were going into Peace Corps? B: I think the thing I sensed the most was when we told people we were going how many people had similar aspirations, and were thrilled we were going, and even a little envious. W: How does it affect you today? B: It helped me understand other cultures and even more my own … It has helped me in my work with students, especially with those in ESL. It has helped me be more understanding. W: Is this (Peace Corps) something for everyone? B: Perhaps not everyone, but I would recommend it. One of my goals is to share my experience with AHS students. I am proudly becoming a mini Peace Corps recruitment office. W: Is there one piece of advice you would give to a person wanting to join? B: To be open minded, flexible, and really be looking for the good. W: That’s all the questions I had, anything else? B: I really think programs like Peace Corps are going to be the key to finding peaceful resolution. As always this is barely scratching the surface of a vast experience. If you would like to know more, take a walk into his office in Student Services. There you will find an open door and a warm welcome from Counselor John Burke.