Senior Art Show winners

Ames High Fashion Club Art and Photography Award Britta Mennecke: Body of Work Iowa Heart Award Kevin Berg: “Dr. Berg” McPhail Black and White Photography Award 1st Katherine Harmelink: “Depression” 2nd Michelle Leninger: “Untitled” !st National Bank Award 1st Jessica Palo: “Serenity” Isaac Prior: “Trippy Thoughts” Jennie Fulton: “Ashes to Ashes” Annie Pastiak: Group of Movies Ames Community Bank Saving Bond Award Kevin Berg: “Dr. Berg” Mario Angel Reyes-Juarez: Body of Work Gilger Designs Award Jewelry – Katie Rohrssen: Body of Work Drawing – Alarm Cho: “Self-portrait” Hall of Fame given by Dick and Rena Hall Best of: Ceramics Kelly Wilson: Body of Work Drawing Brittany Rover: “Self-portrait in pencil” Charcoal Mario Angel Reyes-Juarez: “Self- portrait” Graphic Design Jonathan Rohlf: Body of Work Jewelry Annika Anderson: Body of Work Mixed Media Emily Drapal: “Society’s Mask” Painting Alarm Cho: “Ocean Tides” Printmaking Sarah Ehrhardt: “Love or Money” Sculpture Isaac Prior: “World Wings” Photography Bob Schliesman: “Urban” Video Matthew Smith: Body of Work Iowa Heart Winners Stephanie Enloe: “Line Drawing in Color” Amanda Hinderks: “Self-portrait” Matt Stephenson: “Still Life” Megan Pearson: “Walk in the Park” Amy Metzger: “Abandaoned life” Mary Beth Kluesner: “The Hole” Chelsea Jensen: “Draining Colors” Jennifer Green: “Abstraction II” Emily Janssen: “Pollution” Scott Simpson: “Untitled Space Division” Matt Chellew: “Christ-centered” Ryan Gibson: “Disappearing” Sarah Cram: “Snoway” Marissa Banks: “View from the Outside” Molly Golemo: “Grain bin” Lulu Wu: “Doodle-fly” Britta Mennecke: “To Measure Light”