Suggestions for The WEB

To the editor of The WEB: As I first entered High School I found the idea of having our own newspaper quite exciting and extravagant, however, as I progressed through many years, I quickly began to become quite bored and un-enchanted at how our lackluster excuse for a paper is created-content, color, and all. During my years at Ames High I have always looked forward to a new issue of The Web, but as time progressed I became less and less interested in the articles that the staff was putting so much effort into, and more interested in the pictures that were being presented. My aim by writing this letter is too give some advice on how to make The Web more interesting to the Ames High School student body. Lets start off with the basics, why out of all things is our paper named “The Web”? That doesn’t even make a lick of sense. Our school is not nor has ever been associated with Spiders (the insects that make these so called “webs”). I myself along with much of the student body would LOVE a complete explanation of this poor choice or demand a name change this very minute! One thing that did make me laugh while reading The Web however was Eric Foley’s hilarious articles on Hillary Duff, what happened to those?? I find the lacking humor in The Web quite humorous. Face the facts, we’re all students, we’re all creative, think of some jokes for crying out loud!! I understand that much of The Web is trying to inform students of national issues, but we do have TV and big time newspapers, how about breaking out of the shell and making a few faces smile while they sit through their boring classes? Or how about tackling more personal issues of the school such as BS suspensions, what the cafeteria food is actually made out of, and club events. I’ve herd that Gentleman’s Breakfast Club will soon be hosting a “Contest of Champions” but I have been somewhat ill informed on when or where it will be held with the lack of coverage it has been receiving. Or how about Sandwich Clubs upcoming picnic. Or perhaps The Web staff could interview more students on more opinions, such as open campus next year, or what they think will be happening with the courtyard. Or interview the actual Ames High Staff on what they have planned for the future. I’m sure they have some new crafty rules and regulations to slam on us next year, why not find out in advance? The Web could always do an opinion column on Darren Johnson, I know that I sure have lots of opinions about him. “I don’t read The Web because its boring” – Timothy Zale “I don’t read it because its stupid and lame” – Brittney Borrill “I don’t like to read The Web because I don’t like to read” – Jennifer Green In retrospect The Web is an all in all ok paper, but it could be better. Please try to improve!! -junior Marcus Hippen