Betsy Dilla stays busy, but remembers to take time to laugh

Senior Betsy Dilla is known at Ames High for a unique laugh, but that isn’t the only reason. She spends her time competing in Destination Imagination (DI) with a papier mache cow, pondering philosophy, co-directing a one act, and working with the upcoming German play. Dilla said that out of all her activities, Destination Imagination has been her most defining experience. “It is my life,” she said. Dilla has participated in the entire 12 years that the program has been running. The team’s devotion has paid off. The Ames High DI team recently qualified for the global competition. “It’s really hard to go to Globals; we haven’t seen a team go to Globals since our freshman year,” she said. In the upcoming competition, the team has entered their presentation “How did that happen?” It stars a giant papier maché cow named Lumpy Rose. “Her stage name is Bessie,” Dilla said. “I am her voice.” Also, Dilla is co-president of the prestigious Ames High Philosophy Club. “It’s one of those clubs where people always intend to come, but never do,” Dilla said. She worries about its future. “I want a revival of philosophy club because I have enjoyed it so much over the last four years,” she said. Dilla has found time to co-direct a One-Act-Play along with Senior Ellen Heddendorf. She is also co-head of costumes for the Thespians along with Heddendorf. “[What makes costumes] fun is when people are happy and responsive on it,” she said. “When they say, ‘Yay, yes I’ll wear that.’” Dilla’s involvement with plays does not stop with One-Acts. She is also working with the upcoming German play, which will be on May 10th. “It may be a little violent and morbid and creepy, but it’s awesome anyway,” she said. “It’s nice because we have all had at least two years with each other, and we are all unified.” Aside from her activities Dilla is known for her famous laugh. Some have compared it to the sound a dolphin makes, but most just wonder, What makes that sound? The answer is Betsy Dilla, but Dilla is not embarrassed. On the contrary, she is proud of her laugh. “It’s one of those things you just have to be comfortable with and go with it,” Dilla said. “It makes people happy, and I like that, because happy people make me happy.” Being involved in so many activities has allowed Dilla to make the most of her experience at Ames High. “I feel very comfortable here. I have a lot of great friends and even more great acquaintances,” she said. Even so there are aspect of Ames high she won’t miss. “I’m glad to be leaving [AHS] though,” she said. “We all know what direction this school is going in and it is not a positive one.” Now that her high school career is ending, Dilla is looking forward to the future. She will be attending University of Notre Dame in the coming year. No matter where Dilla goes, she will take her driven work ethic, light-hearted personality, and unique laugh with her.