New presidents with new goals take charge with enthusiasm

Ben Ruppert and Ethan Forsgren have been selected as the new co-presidents for the next school year. Although many heard them speak in the assembly, some do not know what they are really all about. The WEB decided to sit down with these new leaders and ask some very important questions, both politcally and personally, that the student body is probably dying to know. The WEB: What was your first feeling/thought when you found out you had won the election? Rupert: My first reaction? Well, I was very surprised and excited. Forsgren: Yes, and happy. Very happy. W: What are some of your big plans for next year? R: I would like to get more bike racks for next year. I ride my bike to school a lot. That’s the main thing I want to get. F: We’re going to revamp the way that student council does projects; it’s a little reorganization. Hopefully it will make things work smoother and more will get done. W: Are there any projects of Xin and Katherine that you would like to continue or complete? R: They started the Stall Street Journal thing; and we’re planning on continuing that. We’ll keep doing the winter madness fundraiser. I don’t think they started that, but we’ll keep doing it. W: Would you like to pursue politics in the future; for example, president of the United States? R: I would say no. I went to model UN this year and it seemed that politics is mostly just a bunch of squabbling over semantics and stuff like that. This is a good experience for extra responsibility. But I don’t think it’s for me. F: I hope to stay active and involved in leadership, but probably not the political spectrum. W: What are your plans for the future? F: I have no idea right now. R: I would like to be a missionary to Russia. W: How do you feel about the student council committee, as a whole? R: As long as they’re enthusiastic about what we’re doing, they work hard. Some of the problems we’ve had in the past are that when people are on a project that they’re not that enthused about, it’s hard for them to stay focused and work hard on it. F: We appreciate the work that they do, and we just hope that by putting people who are enthused about things in the position where they can really work on what they want to, we can get more done. W: What are your opinions on the new middle school? F: It was necessary; the old middle school was falling apart. But I mean, it’s kind of a pity that we had to put so much money into it. W: How do you feel about the Ames High administration? F: We are soon to find out after we become a little closer. R: All the experience I’ve had with them has been pretty good. I know that there have been complaints from some of my friends that haven’t gotten along. As far as I’ve interacted with them, it’s been pretty good. Personal experiences have been pretty good so far and I’m curious how it’s going to be in the future. W: Anything else you would like the student body to know? R: Viva La Revolution.