Newly appointed drum majors majorly ready to lead band

What do a saxophone player, a bassoon player, and a trumpet player all have in common? Well, for starters, the three are next year’s drum majors. The returning drum major will be junior Zach Brenner, along with two new majors; junior Jessica Oster and sophomore Anne Todey. The WEB: What does a drum major do, exactly? Brenner: We look good. We conduct and swing a big stick. Oster: We pretty much run around and blow whistles at each other, and wear little white suits…like in the looney bin. Really we conduct through directing and whistle blowing, and we’re a few people band members can come to to ask questions–we’re organizers. W: How do you go about becoming a drum major? Todey: You get up super early and learn the motions. Then you go through prelims in front of the band directors, and four people are chosen. Then they audition in front of the band and the band votes. W: What instruments do you play? B: Tenor saxophone, I’m pretty sure we’re like the best. O: Bassoon, and marching I played the sousaphone. And we’re the best. T: Trumpet. And actually, we are. W: Do you have any favorite memories from band so far? B: Making Mr. Ewan break down in band, he said I looked like Spongebob Squarepants while playing “Under the Sea.” O: The birds on band tour were pretty funny. T: Probably when Brenner fell. W: Are you in any other activities? B: School, math class (it’s a whole other ideology), Atom bender (my favorite band), cross country and track. O: Sleep Club: we meet each night at eleven o’clock, volleyball, SHEF, Key Club, dance, and 100th Green. T: The musical, and I’m in an actor’s musical, Bye Bye, Birdy, thespians, and cross country, too. W: Wow! It sounds like you guys do a lot! What made you want to join band, too? B: I’m a music all-star. O: Because Chess Club kicked me out. T: I didn’t really like it in middle school, but now I’m glad I didn’t quit. I’m a band nerd. Oh, and I’m also in it because of Anda!