TV’s dramas get you hooked

We’ve all been there. After accidentally stumbling into some unwarranted television show on a lazy day, you’re somehow drawn into hours of continuous drama and action, for no apparent reason at all. What is it about TV dramas that entice their viewers? It seems as though each type of show has its own dramatic effects targeted at certain age groups, and whether they are aimed at teens, adults, or the general public, no show seems to fail at this task. Grey’s Anatomy: A category on its own, Grey’s Anatomy has become popular with the general public through its serious yet slightly comical representation of hospital life. Revolving around a group of medical interns at Seattle Grace Hospital, Grey’s Anatomy depicts the trials and tribulations that occur when surgery and romance meet head-on. Main character Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), daughter of legendary surgeon Ellis Grey, picks up where her mother left off as a new doctor braving the operating room. Unfortunately for her, patients aren’t the only thing she needs to worry about. She falls in love with her attending doctor, Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), only to find out that he’s still married, his wife has been transferred to their hospital, and he’s trying to patch up his almost-ruined marriage. What results is a mixture of vocal hostilities, unexpected romantic rebounds, and countless awkward situations. “There are really no words to describe why Grey’s Anatomy is so amazing,” junior Anne Todey said. “Seriously, I feel like I’m closer to the characters than to my own family.” “Twists in the plot just make me want to watch the show even more,” junior Nina Carlson added. “I have to keep watching to find out what happens next.” With a new season recently underway, Grey’s Anatomy is sure to keep anyone busy on a Thursday night. Teen Drama: The most dramatic genre of them all, teen drama seems to affect many of the students at Ames High. Whether it’s The OC, One Tree Hill, or even Dawson’s Creek reruns, high school students have for some reason become utterly addicted to these television shows revolving around adult situations that almost always seem to get out of hand. The most common storyline for teen dramas centers on the only-too-common love triangle, and as if tragic love lives were not enough to convince anyone of how much a teenager can really handle, plots are thickened with acts of hate and revenge, and even unexpected deaths. Yet, even though most television shows targeted at young adults are ridiculously over-dramatized, teens have somehow found strong connections with the actors on the screen. “I’m not really sure why I watch those shows,” junior Sarah Graveline said. “I think it’s because of the lack of drama in my own life. I kind of live through the characters and get my daily dose of drama while watching them, so when I come back to living my own life, I don’t need to be dramatic to be happy. It’s kind of like a dramatic outlet.” Crime-related Drama: With too many great shows out there to choose from, crime-related drama attracts viewers from all walks of life. The average citizen knows very little about what goes on behind the scenes of protecting the innocent, and television producers have made a seemingly large effort to provide officers of the law the attention they deserve. Shows such as Law and Order, C.S.I., and Without a Trace depict serious crimes that tend to occur in larger, more populated cities in the United States. Each show focuses on a slightly different angle of the nation’s justice system, ranging from the techniques used by detectives to collect evidence and eventually find the criminal to the actual prosecution of the offender. “Crime shows are interesting and exciting to watch,” sophomore Rachel Shaw said. “I like the suspense leading up to finding out who committed the crime.” Though not always completely realistic, criminal justice television shows are sure to captivate almost any viewer through the explanation of what happens when the human psyche reaches its breaking point. Drama seems unavoidable in this day and age, although the reason behind its appeal still remains a mystery. Whether you’re looking to fulfill your own uneventful life or are searching for tips to deal with large amounts of drama instead, television shows provide their audiences with countless genres sure to please anyone.