Mythili is a really neat gal

Curious to discover whether or not sophomore Mythili Prabhu really is the “female version of Krishna [her brother, a senior at Ames High]” as she and many others have claimed, or if there are hidden passions lying beneath the surface of her brown-sugary exterior, The WEB took the time to get to know her and find out what she is like. What we discovered may be alarming to some audiences. Reader discretion is advised. Although Mythili Prabhu may seem like the typical Indian-girl-next-door, there is more to her than just a perfect complexion, brains and hilarious witticisms. Mythili is hip, and not just because she is Indian. She likes indie/alternative music like Mates of State, Pinback, and Rogue Wave, and she likes to take black and white photographs and develop them herself. She watches shows like The Daily Show, Will and Grace, The Colbert Report, and Friends, and she even volunteers at the import store, Worldly Goods. In addition, she also really enjoys double lab periods in her biology class with teacher Craig Walter, but that is to be expected, it is Mr. Walter after all. As well as being hip, Mythili is also Indian, which is a very good thing. Continuing the tradition of Indians in band, she has mastered the clarinet and performs in marching band during the fall and concert band during the rest of the year. “Mr. Ewan is definitely one of my favorite parts of band,” she said. “Two sets of coordinates are what make the shows so exciting!!” Also keeping up with Indian tradition, Mythili’s favorite season is summer. “It’s warm, you get to hang out with your friends, and NOOOO homework!! My favorite season used to be fall, but it’s too cold now,” she said. Probably one of the most enlightening experiences of Mythili’s life occurred when she was only five. “I believe it was November 27th, 1996 at 3:37 in the afternoon,” Mythili said. “It was a gloomy day, and I think it may have been drizzling a little… [when she discovered the awesomeness of her heritage]… It was definitely a high point of my life,” However despite her amazing heritage and overpowering Indian pride, she still admits that if she had to pick another ethnicity she would be “whatever [junior] Bobby Hunter is.” Although she did not specify why she would want to share Bobby’s ethnicity, The WEB is pretty sure that it is because of Bobby’s incredibly good looks and winning smile. Mythili is involved in lots of activities like any good Indian would be. She plays an active role in clubs such as SHEF, Mock Trial, Key Club, Student Council, Debate and Asian Club. When asked about her involvement in Asian Club she was so excited all she could do was gush, “LOLZ ROFLCOPTER!! Being Indian is SO important to me!! INDIAN PRIDE!!!! After extensive research, The WEB was unable to determine whether or not Mythili really is the female version of Krishna because we did not interview Krishna, nor do we have access to such equipment. However, we did conclude that Mythili is really awesome–and not just because she is Indian.