P.E. is a beautiful thing

P.E.: Physical education. These two words (two letters when abbreviated) can bring out the worst in a person–and for most people, it does. These people don’t seem to understand the importance of P.E. and how it not only prepares our puny, childlike figures for the real world, it also gives the mind and the heart a jumpstart on the long life we all hope for. Ever since my days as a young, impressionable child, the phrase “physical education” was always synonymous with many words, such as fun, fitness, and even friendship. Nowadays, when I think of P.E., I remember the good ol’ days of just having a good time with my friends, while conveniently, at the same time, having a raised heartbeat and an improving my cardiovascular system. When people tell me of the bad things that can result from being a part of P.E., I can’t help but wonder whether or not these people are being sarcastic or not (since I can’t really see the situation from their point of view). Complaints such as “I hate P.E. because after it I smell bad and I get all sweaty,” and “I don’t like the fact that we have to change our clothes, it makes me SO MAD!!!” seem to be lighthearted anecdotes with obvious flaws in logic. I will soon critique these obvious flaws so intensely that in a short while, they will be nothing more than a pile of dust. Let’s look at the first complaint; “I hate P.E. because after it I smell bad and I get all sweaty.” I think this person doesn’t seem to understand the obvious fact that the ladies love a sweaty man. There’s something about a sweaty, hardworking man that the ladies can’t seem to resist. Now, let’s look at the second complaint; “I don’t like the fact that we have to change our clothes for it, it makes me SO MAD.” This person is clearly arguing for the sake of arguing, I mean, who doesn’t love wearing a plain white t-shirt with athletic shorts (I know I do)? Some other things fantastic about P.E. are how it gives students who might not normally have the opportunity to stay in shape a chance to be physically fit. Another thing that is nice is the wonderfully optimistic P.E. teachers who have supported me for the past 12 years; I don’t know where I would be with out them. And probably the greatest reason that P.E. is so fantastic is that it’s a great way to meet new people. In conclusion, if I were still in P.E. (which I’m not thanks to my full-year exemption for Drill Team) I would most likely be enjoying it and meeting a lot of new people and having a fun time.