Always the bridesmaid, never the bride?

Martin Scorsese is one of the most well-known and most respected directors in cinematic history. Scorsese has been acknowledged as the greatest American filmmaker of his generation. However, despite all of the hype surrounding him and acknowledgment, he has yet to win an Oscar. Scorsese has an opportunity to quiet some critics Feb. 25 when the 79th Academy Awards are presented. Scorsese himself is nominated for one award, achievement in directing The Departed, while the movie itself is up for five, including Best Picture. The Departed is about two men from different sides of the law who are undercover with the Massachusetts Police and Irish Mafia. Violence breaks out when discoveries are made and both men are sent to find their enemy’s identities. In the past, none of Scorsese’s movies have won academy awards. Taxi Driver, another Scorsese film, was nominated for four awards in 1976, including Best Picture, but he himself was not nominated. He was nominated for two awards in 1990 for his movie Good Fellas, including Best Director, but he again went home empty handed. Scorsese again was nominated in 2002 for his film Gangs Of New York but won nothing. For his 2004 movie, The Aviator, he was again nominated for Best Director but again lost. But Scorsese may have his best shot at winning an Oscar with The Departed. It is being hailed as the best movie of the year and even of his career by others. Lou Lumenick of the New York Post said, “The Departed is his sharpest film in a decade, and the most entertaining major studio release this year.” That is a major statement, considering many major releases this year including The Pursuit Of Happiness, The Last King Of Scotland, and Little Miss Sunshine. Kevin Carr of 7M Movies also said, “Scorsese differentiates it from everything else he’s ever done. The guy might as well retire now because I don’t see how he’s going to top this one.” Despite great reviews from the critics, not all AHS students believe his curse will be broken. “I don’t think he should win,” junior Jason Adair said. Scorsese is going up against some stiff competition, including Clint Eastwood’s critically acclaimed film Letters From Iwo Jima, so Adair may get his wish. When it comes down to it, the reviews don’t really matter. What matters are the votes, and we will see if Scorsese gets enough to walk away with an Academy Award Feb. 25.