Not enough ZZZs

In the hallways of Ames High, students are sometimes confused with zombies. Baggy eyelids, grumpy attitudes, and a look of exhaution. Some would attribute this to poor diet or growth spurts. However, recent studies on teen sleep habits say that the lack of sleep is the problem. These studies show that for a teenager to have a healthy amount of sleep, they need nine to 10 hours a night when the average among teens is only six to seven hours a night. Recent studies also show that the biggest reason for this sleep deprivation are schools that open early. “I mean seriously 7:50!?” junior Jackie Schauf said. “We may live in Iowa but that doesn’t mean we have to rise with the sun like farmers!” To remedy this problem some schools have tried new schedules for students. In Lacey, Washington, school starts at 2:30 P.M. and ends at 9 P.M. Most students from Ames High were enthusiastic when they discovered this. “HECK YEAH! That’s the smartest thing I’ve heard in a while,” senior Lukkas Gartin said. “And that’s saying something, because I was there when Einstein came up with that E= thing.” The reasoning behind not changing Ames’ schedule is that the change threatens the efficiency of the bus system. “So it makes sense to ship buses during the morning traffic rush,” senior Justin Gilger said. “The most logical thing would be not to have it at that time. But when are decisions made about education ever based on logic?” With the lack of sleep in a student’s lifestyle come various other problems. Stress levels begin to build, weight loss or gain can occur, and also failing grades can be attributed to a lack of sleep. “I will find myself in class daydreaming,” said Gilger. “I completely missed a lecture on the importance of algebra one time. Best daydream I ever had though!” Statistics show that 55 percent of the accidents in which the driver falls asleep involve drivers under the age of 26. It looks as though no change is to occur in the start time of Ames High. Although unfortunate, at least this means that students can still look forward to study halls so that they can catch up on some extra ZZZzzzs.