Abolish homework, it’s super not chill

What’s up with homework? We mean, seriously. C’mon. We at The WEB feel that homework should be permanently abolished. Let’s face it; we’re way too cool for homework. Rules shouldn’t apply to us. We’re mostly second semester seniors. Making people who are really chill, like us, waste time doing mundane things like homework is downright wrong. Think of what we could be doing with the time that we spend doing homework. We could be chillin’ to some chill-coustic music like JJ (short for Jack Johnson). We could be straight chillin’ (where we just sit on couches and stare off into empty space). We could be chillaxin’ (conjugation of chilling and relaxing). In conclusion, there are a lot of productive things we could be doing if we didn’t have to do any homework, and The WEB urges you to spend more chillin’ and less time doing homework.