SMOOTH skin is essential, especially in the Media Center

Smooth skin definitely plays a part in the sexiness factor these days. Flaky skin with any sort of a discolored epidermal rash or rough knuckles is an immediate turn off. But for any Ames High student, this shouldn’t be a problem, thanks to the Media Center staff. They have accumulated a grand collection of various hand creams and sanitizers, available for use to any student (in unlimited quantities). Provided below is a little overview – advice about which to avoid and which to lure the ladies with. Dr. Hiosous’ Quince Hand Lotion: Made by your neighborhood-friendly physician, Dr. Hiosous, this minty, tingly lotion is packed with fruit extracts and antioxidant carrot oil. It heals your hands without leaving behind a fruity smell. Fruit of the Earth’s Vitamin E Skin Care Cream: This is the perfect ointment for all the guys out there with extra rough, dry hands. Thick with aloe vera, sunflower seed oil and collagen, “this stuff never wears off!” Junior Austin “Shaggy” Sandler said. Sarah Michaels Natural Body Lotion: Available in rose, jasmine, chamomile and calendula, and citrus, these salves contain sweet almond oils and are very fragrant. “The citrus reminds me of Pantene Pro-V Shampoo, whereas the chamomile and calendula is more like Suave,” junior Evy Amaya said. Re-Neu Botanicals Lotion: A balm blended with sparkling bergamot and fresh ginger, it also claims to have ingredients such as white tea, vetiver and nutmeg. Sadly, the bottle itself doesn’t appeal to the eye–-is it one of those hotel lotions? Smells like it. Feels like it. Might as well be it. Avojuice Skin Quenchers Sugar Cookie Juicie: This “quencher” smells more like a sugary, vanilla frosting than a hand cream. Don’t be fooled, though, because it “bursts with natural moisturizers to juice up your skin!” I hope students don’t use this one because of the tasteless puns, not just because its name rhymes. Calvin Klein’s OBSESSION: Ironically, this aftershave-smelling lotion has not gotten me obsessed. Maybe that’s because it reminds me of middle aged, wrinkly men trying too hard. Bath and Body Works Lavender Flowers: This skin protecting lotion is sure to spice up your hands! Its apple, oat and grape seed extracts combine into a purple, sleek solution. The Wild Honeysuckle hand lotion from the Pleasures collection, a personal favorite, has recently run out. Dang! …And the award goes to… Spa Institute Aromatherapy: Enclosed in a blue bottle, this watery substance doesn’t come close to resembling hand lotion. Although it says “mint” on the bottle, junior John McClelland describes its scent as “playdough.” Perhaps it used to smell like mint 20 years ago, when it was purchased? So next time you’re in the MC and feel bummed out for leaving your friends because it’s “four to a table,” indulge your hands in the lotion that’s right for you!