Team excitedly anticipating new season

It’s that time of year again, when players get out their equipment and fans get ready to get excited: off-season’s over; it’s time for the season, baby! This year’s team is extremely excited for the season and the players have been preparing all year. The players really think this year is the year they’re going to do it: go all the way and win state! This year’s team returns several outstanding players from last year, but it’s not all good news. “We lost some great players through graduation,” returning Varsity Senior said. “However, we’re really excited about the fact that we have some young players who are willing to step up.” “I’m really just happy to have the chance to play,” First-Year Varsity Sophomore said. “I know we can build some great team chemistry together.” The players have been training diligently in the months preceding their first competition against another team, and it’s shown. “This is really a hard-working group of individuals and even though we’re awfully young, we’re not rebuilding; we’re reloading,” Coach said. “Other teams are going to be gunning for us.” Those teams will include Fort Dodge, Mason City, Marshalltown, Waukee, WDM Valley, and many non-conference foes. “We’re really going to have to give 110% and bring our A-game at all times,” returning Varsity Senior said. “Our plan is to take it one game at a time and keep our focus.” Of course, the players are hoping for a lot of crowd support when home games come around. “Without the fans we wouldn’t be able to win, much less play,” Coach said. In return, fans had nothing but praise for Coach. “Coach has really whipped this team into shape and has them going in the right direction. Under him, this team of over-achievers can go the distance.” Superfan said. However, the one problem that has hampered the team for a while is the fact that a few of the players have suffered injuries and are pretty banged up. “It’s really tough watching the other guys play and not being out there with them,” Injured Varsity Junior said. “I don’t really need to worry though, because we’ve got players like senior Varsity Captain. He’s a real tough, scrappy, hard-nosed, physical player that can take over a game. There’s always next year for me.” Players have been performing exceptionally well in the combine, including in the 40-yard dash. This will have fans excited, but Coach knows what’s really important. “The only statistic that matters is the final score. Doesn’t matter how fast we are, if we don’t score more points than the other team…we don’t win,” he said. Well, it’s that time of year again. Get out into the stands and support the team. Without you, the team will have no chance of winning.