Drama in dramaSchmidt resigns

Only three years ago, Ames High had a new drama director, Mrs. Stafford, and at the end of the same year she was asked to resign – so two years ago, English teacher Del Schmidt and hall monitor Brian Parrish took over as co-directors. This year, the drama department will be changing once again, as Del Schmidt has resigned from the position after two seasons of plays at Ames High. “I had virtually no experience – aside from acting in high school – but I thought it would be fun to try my hand at it,” Schmidt said. Throughout the past two years, he did enjoy his time directing. “The best part was watching the kids – their talent was amazing. Watching everyone work so hard was inspiring. I would get a little choked up over it… of course, things never seemed like they were working, but it all came together in the end. It was so gratifying – I’m going to miss that.” However much he enjoyed his time in the theater, it was beginning to impact the rest of Schmidt’s life. “I wouldn’t get home until five or six each night, and then I would still have grading to do – and on top of that, I’m the one in charge of meals. I didn’t have enough time for my family.” Beyond time in the theater, Schmidt had many other things to handle behind the scenes. “We had to take care of getting the play, paying royalties, publicity, getting set materials – I had to even deal with things like parents calling during class to ask about when rehearsal was. It was intruding on my life too much – my home was in disarray, I was having trouble sleeping – it was too much.” Though he cannot continue as drama director, Schmidt said he would consider returning in the future. “Right now, I need to be there for my sons – once they’re in college, though, I might come back.” Now that Schmidt has left, Brian Parrish is the head director for the drama department, and math teacher Kathryn Skowronski has joined the department as assistant director.