Eric Cogdill teaches math and runs fast

Most students at Ames High School know Eric Cogdill as the math whiz in room fourteen. Eric’s brother taught him multiplication at the ripe age of four. He took 23 math classes in college, graduating from Iowa State with a bachelor’s degree in Science and Mathematics. He will soon have his master’s degree in education as well. As impressive as this all is, it’s only half the epic story of Eric Cogdill. Earning seventeen letters in high school, Cogdill was quite the athlete. In the fall he played wide receiver, quarterback, and kicker for his football team while running cross country meets on Mondays and Saturdays, just to stay in shape. He played post for basketball in the winter followed by running 800’s, 1600’s, 32,000’s, and 4X400’s for track in the spring. Cogdill didn’t play any sports in college, but maintained his fitness well, running the Equalizer run in Des Moines in 2001 at the age of 23. In this particular race, runners run as far as they can for six hours. Eric managed to set the record for this eleven year old race running 45.21 miles averaging a little under eight minute miles. “That whole day was just really overwhelming,” Cogdill said. He also continues to hold the records for 5K races in both Mitchellville and the Winter Games in Nebraska. After college Eric taught math at Belmond-Klemme High School while serving as head coach for girls track for a duration of three years as well as being assistant coach for basketball and volleyball for one year and head coach for two years. He later decided to move to Ames because it was a better district, and he could be closer to family. Cogdill prefers coaching track and cross country, and is currently the assistant coach for girls cross country at Ames High School. “It’s fun to run with the cross country girls,” said Cogdill (or “Dill” as the cross country team knows him), “They’re exciting.” He really enjoys assistant coaching this year because it takes off a lot of stress that the head coach position holds. He kept the girls motivated throughout the season, advising them to always run their best because one never knows what the next day will bring. He reminded the girls to have no regrets and has left them with some memorable words saying, “Seize the day! Because you never know, one day you’re a cow and the next you’re milk chocolate.” What’s next for Eric Cogdill? He plans on running the 5K and or 10K race at Run for the Roses. Although he doesn’t have any dates planned, he would consider running an ultra-marathon (100-plus miles) someday. Until then you can find him out running his 40 miles a week, or in room 14 working on equations at his whiteboard.