Hallway regulationsannoying but well intentioned

We all know it can be frustrating when we can’t go to our lockers or walk the hallways because we’re being yelled at by some hall monitor. But it’s even more frustrating when you’re trying to finish a test and the students in the halls can’t seem to get any louder. Every year Ames High seems to add more rules and regulations for their students. Ranging from open lunch to walking the hallways, many students are wondering, “what did we do?” What they should be asking is, “what can we do to get these privileges back?” The newest regulation was put into action this year. Students eating lunch at the high school are not allowed to leave the cafeteria after the first 15 minutes of lunch. “If you forget lunch money and they don’t let you leave it causes a big problem”, sophomore Tayler Bodholdt said. “I think if you want to leave they should have a sign-out so they can keep track of people but they shouldn’t limit you from leaving at all.” A lot of students feel that our school doesn’t trust us. As high school students, we should be learning how to be responsible and mature. The school should be able to trust us in the hallways. When I asked hallway monitor James Brockway about all of the hallway regulations, he said that it’s not at all to be constricting people. “Amazingly enough it’s for us to educate. It’s not at all to be a jail thing but it lets classes have class,” Brockway said. The main reason these regulations are put into place is to keep the classrooms from being disrupted. If students were able to roam the hallways, chaos could occur and learning would be disrupted. The schools main purpose is to educate, not give us a place to socialize. “I think they could trust us more, but it’s possible they reflected these rules on events from the past,” Bodholdt said. Although it may seem like we have a lot of regulations here at Ames High, we also have a lot of privileges. For example, upperclassmen still have open lunch. Gilbert, along with other schools, restrict students from leaving for lunch or any other open periods. There are also many hallway rules that are often overlooked here at Ames High. It is actually required that all underclassmen walking the halls during class time have a hall pass, but I think we all know that the infamous passes are rarely used. Maybe if we started following these regulations more, we could earn more privileges. Or we could just blame past students for giving us these rules. Like Bodholdt said, “It takes one idiot to ruin it for everyone else.”